Two terrible earthquakes shook Mexico City in the last 36 years. Both seisms happened on the same day, September 19th, one 32 years after the other.
Millennials in Mexico City grew up listening to harrowing stories told by their parents, who underwent the first earthquake when they were young in 1985. When the second 19S seism came in 2017, it was the moment to face their own life-changing pain evoked by the disaster.
Both earthquakes were disastrous, shocking, and caused tremendous damage. Both generations experienced stabbing heartbreak and trauma during the crisis. But were they equally catastrophic because they provoked the same pain?
Only data can tell.

This collection of posters was designed as an introduction for a memorial photo exhibition that honors the victims of both tragedies on the occasion of their anniversary at “Galería Abierta Rejas de Chapultepec” in Mexico City. It compares both catastrophes by combining data visualization, collage and poetry.
Data shows the damage and material loss caused by the 1985 earthquake was significantly worse than in 2017. However, this does not mean that the 2017 earthquake was less painful nor less shocking.

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